About The Tribe

Launched in 2019, My Tribe Essentials began as an essential oil blend company for travelers on the go. In the last few years, we've tranformed to become a go-to for natural products & essential vibes.

About Kenisha B. McIntosh

If you're into all things like exploring the world, living a positive lifestyle, and rejecting any limits placed on you, meet your new best friend, Kenisha B. McIntosh. This renaissance woman is an award-winning life coach and international speaker. She recently added a new venture to her resume with My Tribe Essentials — her all-natural essential oil aromatherapy line inspiring people on the go to slow down + create great vibes. Kenisha B. focuses on the power of manifestation, positive thinking, and incorporating automation into her busy life. Through her life and business coaching, she helps clients create “galaxy-sized” goals and live an intentional life. And through MTEssentials, Kenisha passionately works with customers to use essential oil products to create #ZenZone moments throughout their day.

About My Tribe Essentials
My Tribe Essentials is an herbal product & 100% natural luxury aromatherapy brand designed with convenience and wellness in mind. Our focus is to create clean products that produce great vibes, promote holistic living, and combat the harmful effects of using toxic alternatives. We want our tribe to live a healthier, more fulfilling life. So whether you're creating a vibe with our essential oil soy candles that feature our unparalleled striker + match combo or you're elevating your space with our transformative aromatherapy, treat yourself to products that you deserve. Check out our collection of candles, smudging tools, essential oils, and incense. Let My Tribe Essentials be your go-to for natural products + essential vibes.