The candle (Rose Quartz) has a delightful scent, and the essential oil spray has been the perfect addition to my nightly skincare routine.

A. Watkins

The Amethyst candle is my favorite! It circles the room with a lasting sweet aroma. It's bottom has a striker pad and included is a set of wooden matches. The cutest and convenient idea.

Z. Wright

A whiff of the lavender from this bad boy (Amethyst) is like giving a hungry actor a Snicker's in a commercial. It's that good.

N. Dickson

Our Top Tribe Candles

The Lavender Candle

Lavender is known to promote calm + sleep. You'll enjoy more tranquility with this essential oil candle.

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The Clean Mint Candle

Peppermint promotes clarity + focus. This essential oil candle will freshen up any space.

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The Rose Candle

Rose Quartz promotes balance + love. Find more of both with this essential oil candle.

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