How Herbs Help Me Deal With Change

New blog post: How Herbs Help Me Deal With Change


Hey tribe, hey!

Listen, whoever said adulting was easy clearly wasn't prepared for 2022. Through in entrepreneurship and navigating in todays world...I don't know where I'd be if I wasn't studying herbalism. LOL, but seriously. 😂

Ok, so I'm keeping this months blog post short and sweet. While in meditation, I decided to record my first vlog. Enjoy!

And watch until the end, there's a surprise just for being in The Tribe! 😉

Here are herbs that I mention in the video and how they support my body when dealing with change:

  • Lavender: helps with mood, anxiety, and depression
  • Dandelion Root: improves digestion, used as a mild appetite stimulant, and to improve upset stomach
  • Red Raspberry Leaf: detoxifying, great source of vitamins A, B, C, & E
  • Mugwort: relieves headaches & stress, boosts energy
  • Plantain Leaf: anti-inflammatory, boosts immune system with vitamins A & C
  • Sage: high in vitamin K & minerals, improves immune system, memory, and brain function


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