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Did you know that the Spring Equinox signifies the beginning of the "new year"?

Yup, with the onset of spring comes blooming trees, perky birds, pollen, and Jade: Rich Honeysuckle! And I know we're already in April, but I couldn't help but highlight the goodness of spring. Aside from allergy season and swarms of bugs lol, the spring season is a period of rebirth and renewal. Spring also refers to love, hope, youth and growth. Oh, and then there's JADE!

I created Jade with the hopes of capturing spring in a candle. I wanted it to be fresh, rejuvenating, and light. So I combined honeysuckle and sandalwood essential oils, set the intention for a restorative candle...and BOOM, Jade was born. 

Jade candles

What are the benefits of honeysuckle and sandalwood oils?

Honeysuckle: eases stress and anxiety, works against air-borne germs, and promotes new cell growth.

Sandalwood: promotes mental clarity, relives anxiety, stress, and depression, and it's a natural aphrodisiac. (wink wink lol) 😉 

These oils have spring season attributes, which is why Jade is our spring edition candle. I decided to share a few ways that take advantage of this season & products that'll help you create the vibe. Now whether you these solo, or decide to make it a group effort, I encourage you to try something once a week.

Remember: minor moves make a major impact.


11 Ways to Take Advantage of the Spring 

  1. Eat outside (at a local restaurant)
  2. Spring cleaning with Jade
  3. Plant your garden
  4. Wear open toe shoes
  5. Open your windows
  6. Go for a drive
  7. Go camping
  8. Plan a park day
  9. Meditate outdoors
  10. Listen to/watch nature unfold
  11. Have a backyard BBQ with Citrine


If you end up doing more than what's on this list, let me know how you take advantage of the season. Shoot me an email or send a message on social media, I'll respond!

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